Submit an Internship or Career Opening

The Placement Office is always happy to post available internship and career positions to our website. If you would like to submit an open position, please e-mail with the following information:

  1. Your company’s logo
  2. Title of position
  3. Location (can be work from home)
  4. Company website
  5. Contact name, phone number or e-mail address for more information about position
  6. Description of position, including job requirements
  7. Required experience
  8. Hours and if there will be flexibility in schedule
  9. Compensation (specify if position is paid or for credit)
  10. How to apply and deadline for application

If the position you are offering is an unpaid/academic credit only internship, please be aware of the requirements below. Students will need to meet all of them in order to receive credit from the journalism department:

  1. All interns must have an appointed supervisor responsible for issuing an evaluation at the end of the internship
  2. The intern must produce a tangible portfolio demonstrating the journalism-related skills obtained during the internship
  3. Interns work 16-20 hours per week and internship hours must work around the student’s regular classroom schedule
  4. The internship period must conform to the regular classroom term. The first day of the internship is the first day of class and ends on the last day of class. The internship is not to extend into finals week. Interns must be given the opportunity to take regular holiday breaks as established in the semester schedule.
  5. Internships for credit must be established BEFORE the beginning of the semester that the internship is to take place.

Read more about guidelines for our internship class, including expectations for the student and employer.

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