WREG Account Executive

Title: WREG Account Executive

Location: Memphis

Website: wreg.com

Description: Full time position

Contact: business@wreg.com

1. Responsible for the retention of current business and the development of new business as evidenced by the attainment of sales goals in total revenue & emphasis revenue.
2. Sells special projects that generate new business.
3. Develops relationships with multiple level contacts at both agencies and advertisers in order to better understand the business objectives and advertising strategies of clients in order to help them achieve their objectives through effective use of electronic media.
4. Develops and successfully executes aggressive growth action plans, overcomes obstacles, continuously improves client relationships by adding value, enhances profitability and increases revenue by fully leveraging the station’s unique advantages.
5. Makes sales presentations to all classifications of advertisers to obtain orders for advertising time and use of commercial production facilities.
6. Co-ordinates internally the actual purchase of advertising time, placement of the schedule and availability of production material.
7. Schedules and makes marketing presentations in conjunction with Sales Manager/Marketing Research using station research materials.
8. Performs other duties as assigned.

Qualifications: Three to five years media sales exp. & college degree preferred. Nielsen, One Domain, TNS , Internet/Convergence sales and Marshall Marketing experience a plus. Need a proven track record of new business development plus ability to grow business by developing marketing solutions and creative ideas. Need to have excellent written, verbal and organizational skills. Must be proficient with Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Powerpoint). Must possess a Tennessee Driver’s license (or be able to get one).
Physical Requirements: Eyesight to do sales research and verbal skills used in conversation. Ability to drive a vehicle, put together displays. Dexterity to operate keys and buttons on computers, and telephones. Ability to lift tapes, sales packages and other objects up to 20 pounds and over where needed. Exposed to all kinds of weather in connection with making sales calls on clients.

To apply:
Send resume to Sales Manager: Fax 901-543-2339. Email business@wreg.com. Closing date is 7/22/2012.

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