Social Media Internship at TeamLogicIt

Title: Social Media Intern

Location: Memphis


Description: The Social Media Intern will help build and implement a new Company’s B2B Social Media Strategy, developing brand awareness, generating inbound traffic and encouraging product adoption. This role coordinates with the internal Marketing and PR teams to support their respective missions, ensuring consistency in voice and cultivating a social media referral network.

  • Compensation will be defined after applicant’s credentials are assessed.
  • The Company would be glad to participate in college credit programs. Note, 150 clock hours required for academic credit.
  • Estimated weekly hours are 5-8 hours per week, unless you have more time than that! (Schedule is flexible, but most days will require a minimum of ½ hour, to keep the communication constant)
  • Minimum 3-month commitment, but longer if you’d like
  • Intern can and at times will work remotely, on his/her own computer
  • Opportunities for increased responsibility, including sales
  • Learn social media marketing first hand.


  • Help manage social media campaigns and day-to-day activities. Duties include online advocacy, writing editorial, community-outreach efforts, promotions, etc.
  • Help manage presence in social networking sites including Facebook, LinkedIn, and other similar community sites, posting on relevant blogs, and seeding content into social applications as needed
  • Become an advocate of the Company in social media spaces, engaging in dialogues and answering questions where appropriate
  • Monitor effective benchmarks for measuring the impact of social media programs, and analyze, review, and report on effectiveness of campaigns in an effort to maximize results
  • Regularly feed-back insights gained from social media monitoring into the Marketing and Editorial teams, to help them evolve their strategies in a timely fashion
  • Monitor trends in social media tools, trends and applications


  • Passion for the web, social media and marketing is vital. We are looking for individuals who are incredibly enthusiastic about the space. There are so many new developments each day that we expect an applicant to do their homework and know what is happening in real-time, that day.
  • The ability to communicate well especially in the social space is essential. Someone with a good sense of humor, wit and charm in their writing is appealing. The ability to string a decent sentence together, to get a message across in your writing, or be able to communicate in short-form writing is critical.
  • Someone who is already socially active in their own spheres and who has built a strong personal network by using basic tools on their own (Blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, websites etc.) will speak volumes about your commitment to the space.
  • I need someone who is creative, good at coming up with ideas — willing to take an idea and run with it without a lot of micro-managing, has tons of enthusiasm for what they are doing and is always looking for what we can do next.
  • Naturally, you have to be prepared and willing to work hard, at a moment’s notice, at all hours of the day and night.

To apply: Students must have a 3.5 GPA. Paid internship. Please send students to eRecruiting to apply for the internship position.